Cave Gate Enduring Voice Institute

Nedaye Mandegar Empowerment Center is a continuation of the activity called Avaye Mandegar Darvazeh Ghar as an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization to empower mothers and daughters in Darvazeh Ghar neighborhood of Tehran (Harandi) since 2007. . Training girls and women to work with the goal of relying on their individual ability and being more […]

Construction of Roshd sports hall (for women) in Abdanan, Ilam (signing of memorandum)

Doing sports activities in schools is not only an important necessity for educating a healthy generation and having dynamic students and It is energetic, but it is the best opportunity to institutionalize the culture of sports among the future creators of this frontier. Creation Positive and dynamic attitudes in students, strengthening the motivation to try […]

Construction of the first school for autistic children in Ahvaz (signing a memorandum)

The cost of building a school for six exceptional children in Ahvaz was borne by Arian Roshd Avaza Company (Ara) in order to fulfill its social responsibility. Memorandum of Understanding for the construction of this school in July 2016 at Mehr Giti Institute, a non-governmental organization that has built and completed more than five hundred […]