According to the veterinarian news, quoting the public relations of the country’s veterinary organization, on Monday, the ceremony of honoring and introducing was held in the presence of Dr. Ali Safar Maknali, the head of this organization and the board of directors of the veterinary organization of the country; Dr. Khaled Khodavirdi was appointed and introduced as the new Deputy Director of Diagnosis and Treatment Management of the Veterinary Organization of Iran.
In this ceremony, Maknali, the head of the country’s veterinary organization, while emphasizing the importance of the deputy director of diagnosis and treatment management of this organization, emphasized on the four work priorities of this deputy that should be followed by the new deputy. Maknali prioritizes the organization of laboratory equipment in 114 public sector laboratories; Organizing specialized laboratory forces; Organizing laboratory operations as well as accrediting laboratories in cooperation with international organizations in accordance with ISO 17025.
He stated that in serving the client, the speed of service and facilitating business conditions should be provided: Continuous improvement in providing services to users and following up on his affairs should be considered by all managers of the organization at national and provincial levels. To take.
In this ceremony, Rezaianzadeh, while giving a brief description of the measures taken during his tenure as the Deputy of Diagnosis and Treatment Management, thanked all the colleagues of the organization and the General Veterinary Departments of the provinces who cooperated with this deputy. The treatment of the country’s veterinary organization, while thanking the good faith of the head of the country’s veterinary organization, said: “The criterion of performance of any organization depends on the way it provides services and the demands of stakeholders and their expectations should be considered.”

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