Oxynil Dry is a very powerful antioxidant with various compounds for use in feed and supplements of livestock and poultry. Oxy Nyl Dry contains the antioxidant compounds BHA and ethoxyquin, which provides a powerful compound to prevent oxidation in oxidants. .
OxynylDry contains citric acid and phosphoric acid, which prevent the formation of free radicals in the first stage of oxidation. Fish prevents their quality from deteriorating, as well as the formation of harmful compounds and unpleasant odors. Auxiliary prevents the loss of pigments such as carotenoids and xanthophylls and maintains the efficiency of products containing pigments.
Oxynyl Dry is a coated compound that retains its antioxidant properties for a long time. This antioxidant, by tolerating the temperature of pellets, allows the consumer to use pellet feed.