In a letter to the Secretary of the Working Group of the Market Regulation Headquarters and the Deputy Minister of Livestock Affairs of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, the National Association of Broiler Poultry Farmers called for reforming the approved price of chicken due to the increase in the approved rate of production components. The text of this letter reads:

Dear Dr. Rezaei, Deputy Minister of Livestock Production Improvement of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture

Dear Dr. Ghobadi, Deputy Minister of Internal Trade, Ministry of Silence

Greetings and Regards

Considering the increase in the price of chicken production components in the country’s market regulation headquarters and the increase in the price of corn from 15,000 riyals to 17,000 riyals, soybean from 27,000 riyals to 33,000 riyals and chicken from 28,000 riyals to 42,000 riyals and increasing transportation costs Other production costs and the direct effect of these price changes on the cost price per kilogram of live and warm chicken, unfortunately, despite numerous follow-ups and requests from the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and the Ministry of Silence to send analysis to the market regulation headquarters and approve new chicken prices in accordance with There is no increase in the price of production components and this procedure and approach is unfair to poultry farmers and inflicts a lot of financial losses on them. Continuity and stability of production and employment by creating desire and motivation among poultry farmers to take the necessary steps to plan and approve the new price of chicken in the country’s market regulation headquarters as a matter of urgency.

Given the issues raised and the fact that the previously approved price for the reasons mentioned, can not be the basis for the implementation of grammatical pricing policies, it is appropriate to plan in such a way that if prices are real and reasonable in proportion to the increase in production components, price suppression And avoid dealing with sector activists.

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