Enzyme OPTIZYME 361

Anpario UK has developed the Optizyme 361 multi-enzyme product, which, when added to the diet, complements the animal’s natural enzyme secretions, thereby improving digestion and absorption. This multivalent enzyme contains two main enzymes, xylanase and beta-glucanase, which eliminate the adverse effects of antioxidants in corn, wheat and barley. Together with amylase, these enzymes help break down starch into simple sugars such as glucose and maltose. It also helps to break down proteins into amino acids along with proteases, and helps digest fats along with lipases.
Advantages of using enzymes:
Possibility of better use of digested food components
– The possibility of using more less digestible food components at a lower cost
– Improving food conversion ratio
– Improve productivity
– Reducing the length of the breeding period
– Improving carcass quality
– Reduction of waste moisture
Consumption rate in broiler chicken: 0.5 to 1 kg per ton of feed
Consumption in laying hens: 0.5 kg per ton of feed